A look behind the scenes of Homeland Security

Written by admin on 27 februari 2014
new york

Homeland Security celebrated their 8th anniversary. Every day, Homeland Security, works with first responders, state, local tribal and territorail governments, community groups, international partners and the private sector to secure the United States of America and te counter the evolving threats they face.

What does Homeland Security do over the course of a typical day? Below you can read a sampling:

To secure and manage their borders, today DHS will

– Process nearly 1 million travelers entering the United States at air, land

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Supporters shuffle into line as the US decision day for P3 alliance is revealed

Written by admin on 13 februari 2014

Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM can expect to hear by 24 March if their plans to form a super-sized container shipping vessel sharing network have been approved by US regulators.

Late last year the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) requested further information from the three carriers, which they duly submitted on Friday (7 February). This set the FMC a new deadline as it must give its decision within a 45-day window.


Spring thaw Restriction 2014

Written by admin on 13 februari 2014

Be aware spring thaw will be in effect from March 1 to May 30. Any container with cargo weight exceeding the below limitations will be automatically terminated at POD.

Spring thaw weights restrictions are applicable for any containers travelling through the province of Quebec by transport mode truck. Quebec spring thaw restrictions are based on axle weight, not cargo weight. To avoid any possible fines cargo weight must be distributed evenly inside the container to avoid overloading axles.

In case of any

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Logistics vital for Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Written by admin on 13 februari 2014

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have seen a huge logistical effort to ensure pallets and packages were transported from countries all over the world to one central location. 

The goods which were shipped by sea, air, rail and road, were managed by the Federal Customs Service and Sochi 2014 organising committee.

The goal of the Sochi 2014 organising committee logistics function is to support Olympic and Paralympic family members in arranging the delivery and customs clearance of Games-related goods as efficiently as

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Ports USA open again!

Written by admin on 3 februari 2014

Ports of South-East USA are open again. Ports of Charleston, Houston and New York closed because of the icestorm last tuesday,