New address

Written by admin on 7 januari 2016

MTLS has moved to a new office

Our new address:

Ringdijk 366 Р2983 GR  Ridderkerk

Special MTLS VIP Invitation

Written by admin on 15 oktober 2015

MTLS geeft 50 VIP arrangementen weg. Boek vanaf vandaag (15-10-15) uw zending naar Noord Amerika en maak kans op een special MTLS vip arrangement tijdens het broodroosterfeest op vrijdag 13 november as.!!

Het VIP arrangement bestaat uit een gratis entree met een speciale ontvangst in de vip ruimte en een leuke afsluiting.

Voor meer check de website:


Water level of St. Laurent River

Written by admin on 2 april 2014

Be aware!

As you may know, the water level of St. Laurent River has drastically dropped forcing carriers to cut back additional cargo tonnage from vessel.

As a consequence carriers are implementing the LWS (Low Water Surcharge). The starting date is not the same with all carriers, therefor please check with us if this will be appliccable on your shipments. Most likely, the start will be between half of April and beginning of May.

The LWS will be different per carrier.

Quebec Spring Thaw has been delayed

Written by admin on 25 maart 2014

Be aware! The following Quebec Spring Thaw has been delayed:

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Monday, March 31

Monday, April 7

Monday, April 7

(12:01 a.m.)

(12:01 a.m.)

(12:01 a.m.)

to Friday, May 30

to Friday, June 6

to Friday, June 6

(11:59 p.m.)

(11:59 p.m.)

(11:59 p.m.)