ILWU & PMA reach tentative 5-year agreement

Written by admin on 24 februari 2015

Negotiators for the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association have reached a tentative coastwide contract agreement for five years after more than nine months of bargaining.

ILWU President Robert McEllrath and PMA President James McKenna said they were pleased to reach the tentative contract agreement. “We are also pleased that our ports can now resume full operations,” they said in a joint release.

The membership of both groups must now vote to ratify the contract, a process that

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Spring Thaw Restriction 2015

Written by admin on 30 januari 2015

As from 01-03-2015 to 30-05-2015 the Canada Spring Thaw will be in effect upon oncarriage and/or precarriage truck deliveries through the province of Quebec. Quebec spring thaw restrictions are based on axle weight, not cargo weight. To avoid any possible fines cargo weight must be distributed evenly inside the container to avoid overloading axles.


–          Weight 0lbs – 47,900lbs no surcharge applicable

–          Weight 47,900lbs – 53,000lbs surcharge applicable

40’DV & 40’HC

–          Weight 0lbs – 46,000lbs no surcharge applicable

–          Weight 46,001lbs – 51,000lbs

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Thanksgiving 2014 America

Written by admin on 25 november 2014

Please note on Thursday 27-11-2014 due to thanksgiving most offices will be closed. As far as we can tell a lot of  American companies will be closed as well upon Friday 28-11-2014

Please note this can affect our speed in quoting as well as pick-ups & deliveries can be delayed.

We trust to have informed you herewith.

Martijn van der Zweth,

Managing director MTLS

Postponed Implementation of US west Coast Port Congestion Surcharge

Written by admin on 20 november 2014

Overnight several carriers have announced that the recently implemented Port Congestion Surcharge on the US West Coast has been postponed until further notice. Many believe this came as a result of shippers pushback.  The FMC has raised questions as to whether in fact the legal basis for the surcharges have been met.

Most carriers have said that labor slowdowns were the main reason for congestion, prompting the surcharges.  However, the increased volumes and shortage of chassis are the roots of the

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Announced Strike Actions in the Port of Antwerp

Written by admin on 19 november 2014

MTLS would like to inform you that in response to the latest coalition agreement as released by the Belgian Federal Government, the Belgian national union organizations have called for 3 provincial strike action days and for 1 national strike action day.

The first provincial action day will take place on Monday 24th November, and involves the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg, Luxemburg and Hainaut. The National action day has been announced for 15th December.

It is for this first strike action day that

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West Coast port congestion surcharge

Written by admin on 17 november 2014

The port congestion problem in the US West Coast has not improved since the summer. Congestion remains widespread and conditions continue to deteriorate on a daily basis. Under the current circumstances and for quite some time, carriers have been dealing with severe and widespread operational difficulties all along the West Coast. In the meantime, carriers have absorbed significant additional costs and expenses brought on by the congestion.
The two port congestion surcharges going into effect November 17, 2014, for cargo arriving

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Trucking power shortage U.S.A

Written by admin on 27 augustus 2014

Please be informed about following message concerning cargo requiring door delivery and tri-axle chassis.

There is a very serious trucker power shortage in the United States.

Demand for drayage services currently exceeds capacity as a result of many factors including below but not limited to:

-government regulations
-infrastructure and congestion
-fewer driver available
-increasing cost of operations
-high service demand

This situation is across the whole industry and hits all carriers.

Due to trucker power shortage, house/carrier truckers can not fully accommodate our door delivery moves thus we

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Drayage sector warns of strike at Port Metro Vancouver

Written by admin on 25 juli 2014

The union representing about 400 harbor truck drivers at Port Metro Vancouver has given Canadian officials until July 30 to enforce government-mandated pay rates for drivers, or face another possible trucker strike at Canada’s largest port.

New Regulation IBC to USA

Written by admin on 17 juli 2014

There is a new regulation that requires truck drivers in the USA to have a special license in order to move IBC liquid packaging in aggregate volumes exceeding 3785 liters. As a result we must create a new restriction as many truck drivers in the USA do not have this additional license. The restriction will apply to all USA ports and all classes.
Conditions: Any door/carrier move
Restriction: If IBC packaging involved and the total volume of all IBC packagings (for all

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Low Water Surcharge Montreal

Written by admin on 17 juli 2014

In relation to the progressively decreasing water level of St. Laurent River, most carriers have decided to implement a Low Water Surcharge (LWS) for all cargo moving from and to North Europe to Canada on board of St. Laurent Services.

The Low Water Surcharge will be applicable by announced dates by the carriers.

Cargo: All types of equipment