Our values

“In the past years MTLS has proven to be a reliable and strong worldwide operating logistics partner for many importers, exporters and freight forwarders. Our mission is to provide our customers with smart and reliable logistic solutions, always aiming to exceed their expectations in price, liability and quality.

iStock_000007446940XSmallToday’s economic climate is tough, and the market tends to be price-driven. Together Everyone Achieves More: offering our customers the benefits of our buying force, including better conditions, better rates, better service and eventually better results. That is why we invest in our providers and our customers in order to build long term Win-Win relationships. Our integrity sets us apart in what we proclaim and promise, since customers expect reliable no-nonsense solutions without any unexpected surprises.

‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ is only achievable by being flexible and creative, always seeking for innovation and improvements in order to offer the best solutions and always create mutual cost-effectiveness.

It is our strong belief we can meet your expectations and create mutual added value on the long term for you, our customers, our future customers, our employees, our partners and our stakeholders.”

Geert van Houten,

Operations Manager