Simplifying global logistics

Finding the right logistic solutions should not be delayed due spending to much energy doing research bringing your goods from point A to point B in the fastest, most reliable and cheapest possible way. As a NVOCC, MTLS simplifies global commerce by offering distinct advantages for you and providing a various range of services anywhere in the world.While concentrating on your core business, MTLS designs customized solutions that perfectly fitting to your logistic needs, including the whole range of shipping, transportation and logistic services.

MTLS aims creating ‘buying power’ contributing to your profitability by:

Cost-effectiveness: offer the best ocean freight rates.
Time efficiency: optimal balance between transit time and cost-effectiveness.
Quality delivery: using the best choice of shipping lines to every destination.
Accuracy: delivering on time avoiding inefficiency and ineffectiveness in costs and energy.
Economic integration: without delay seamless integrating logistic solutions in your operational and economical processes.