Importer Security Filing ISF Full Enforcement ISF

Written by admin on 3 juni 2015

ISF (Importer Security Filing) Full Enforcement began on May 14th, 2015.

Prior to May 14th, U.S. Customs protocol for ISF violations was start with three written warnings before moving to a liquidated damages penalty. Now, ISF penalties may be applied immediately. ISF penalties will typically start at $5000, with a maximum single ISF penalty of $ 10000. Importers are responsible for the timely, complete, and accurate submission of ISF. To be considered timely the ISF must be submitted 24 hours before the goods are loaded on the vessel which will arrive to the United States.

It is expected CBP Penalty amounts will increase with the ISF Full Enforcement. Many importers were slapped on the hand with warnings. Now, with Full ISF Enforcement importers will feel it in their wallets.

ISF Filling is only applicable to shipments moving to the United States of America. With all incoterms, the ISF filling responsibility lays with the receiver/buyer. The only exemption to this is DDP where the supplier/shipper also needs to arrange the ISF filling. Of course, when agreed otherwise, the shipper can be responsible for arranging the ISF filling.

MTLS always encourages to file ISF not later then the Bill of Lading / AMS closing date. Kindly make sure to fill in the ISF sheet /supply receiver in a timely manner of all needed details.  When you have questions on this subject, please contact MTLS for further information.


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