New Regulation IBC to USA

Written by admin on 17 juli 2014

There is a new regulation that requires truck drivers in the USA to have a special license in order to move IBC liquid packaging in aggregate volumes exceeding 3785 liters. As a result we must create a new restriction as many truck drivers in the USA do not have this additional license. The restriction will apply to all USA ports and all classes.
Conditions: Any door/carrier move
Restriction: If IBC packaging involved and the total volume of all IBC packagings (for all liquid IBC packagings in the container DG or non DG) when added together are greater than 3785 liters (1000 gallons) a specially certified truck driver is required and driver availability cannot be guaranteed at destination due to limited number of truckers. In these cases the booking must be on a CY term with merchant haulage from marine terminal to final destination. One exception to the rule is that if the shipment is to move inland by rail and the marine terminal has on dock rail the shipment can be taken to the inland rail terminal and then it must be merchant haulage from the rail terminal to the final destination.